- May 26, 2017 -

There are several ways to clean your silver jewellery safely,such as 925 silver cross pendant necklace,silver jewelry sets,ect.

This is one option you can use at home for a quick clean.

You will need: a medium sized bowl - small amount of dish washing detergent - face cloth - soft toothbrush - soft towel.

Take a medium sized bowl and lay a face cloth into the bottom. Half fill with warm water. Mix a little bit of dish washing detergent into the water. Pop your item of jewellery into the mixture and leave for a minute or two, remove from the water and then carefully use a soft toothbrush to gently clean it. Make sure you get into any gaps. If you can still see debris on the item pop it back into the warm water and soak a little longer, otherwise rinse your item in warm water from the tap and then dry it with a soft cloth, you can leave chains and bracelets in the sun to dry completely. There are tooth brushes available that have 17 times more bristles, these are able to clean in places that a normal toothbrush will not. Make sure you use a soft toothbrush that only have standard bristles, not the fancy rubber sections.

For a more professional clean:

You can take your jewellery into your local jewellers and have it professionally cleaned if you feel that it is quite tarnished, this can sometimes happen if the piece has not been worn for some time.

Spray your jewellery with Jewellery Cleaning Spray or dip it in a Silver Cleaning Dip.

Use a specific silver cleaning cloth, these cloths are not recommended for cleaning gemstones.

Use an ultrasonic jewellery cleaner, these are not recommended for gemstone set jewellery.

Use an ionic jewellery cleaner, these are suitable for most gemstone set jewellery.  Please check with the manufacturer's instructions before cleaning gemstone jewellery.

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