European Standards For Jewerly

- Jun 09, 2017 -

What requirements should womens jewellery and mens jewelry comply with to be allowed on the European market? all jewelries made by Lucky Factory can meet EU standards,

Here you can find requirements you must meet when marketing your products in the EU. Pay attention to the indications of which materials are concerned per requirement described.

The following ‘musts’ apply to the products and used materials used listed here:

  • General product safety – applicable to all products

  • Chemicals – As jewellery is usually worn on the skin, the use of hazardous chemicals is restricted

  • CITES – applicable to products made from wild plants and animals

  • Hallmarks –applicable to golden and silver jewellery in some countries

General product safety: The General Product Safety Directive basically states that all products marketed in the EU must be safe to use and forms a framework for all specific legislation established for specific products and issues. If no specific legal requirements have been set for your product and its uses, the General Product Safety Directive still applies. If there are specific requirements applicable to you, the General Product Safety Directive applies in addition, covering all other safety aspects which may not have been described specifically.


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