- Mar 08, 2017 -

In order to prevent the lubricant technology or products and/or dirt accumulates and must scratch and other rough surface polishing machine for stainless steel for mechanical cleaning is generally removed. If welding or grinding process of stainless steel in the air is heated to a high temperature, under weld, weld on both sides of the surface chromium oxide will appear at the bottom and hot temper. Hot temper than a thin protective film, and clearly visible. Color depends on the thickness can be in Rainbow colors, blue, purple, yellow, and Brown. Thick oxides are black. It is because of the high temperatures or long stays in a high. When any of these oxide layers, chromium content of the metal surface will be reduced, resulting in reduced corrosion resistance in these regions. In this case, not only to remove the hot temper and other oxides, chrome metal-poor layers below them should be cleaned up.

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